The Bakery

Haya’s Bakery supplies wholesale freshly baked all natural, organic, vegan and wheat-free pastries to stores and restaurants. Everything is baked daily, always fresh and is entirely preservative-free.

We use a variety of whole grain organic flours such as spelt flour, oat flour, and whole wheat pastry flour.

We use natural sweeteners like organic brown rice syrup, evaporated cane sugar and the natural sweetness of fruit.

{Vegan} Unlike most vegan baked goods, our vegan cakes are moist and rich, never dry or chalky. We’re always trying out new recipes and creating more tasty vegan versions of classic cakes and bars. All our vegan products are also wheat-free.

{Wheat-Free} Our wheat-free products use organic spelt and oat flour. But you’ll never notice the difference! Bursting with nuts, raisins, coconut, fresh fruit and spices, our wheat-free cakes taste like they’re fresh out of your home oven. All products come in wheat-free versions.

{Whole Wheat} Have your cake and eat your whole wheat too! Our whole wheat pastries use organic whole wheat pastry flour and wheat germ. This makes our cakes, light, delicate and “wholey” delicious. All our products come in whole wheat versions.

Health Bar Pumpkin Spice Cake
Raspberry Crumb Bar Biscotti
Banana Cake Corn Bread